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Small kitchen design ideas

Small kitchen design ideas. 

Features kitchen facilities

Before you design your own plan for a small-sized kitchen, you must consider a few important points:

– Elevated temperature and humidity during cooking. Finishing materials used in the kitchen should be well resistant to these factors.

– High load on the flooring. In the kitchen, we often drop the cups, plates, knives, forks, or so it is important to take care of sufficient strength to the kitchen floor.

The arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

Binding of functional elements (stove, sink and refrigerator) to the paved communications involves adherence to certain rules of placement:

  1. Gas cookers are usually installed near the gas pipe.
  2. Do not put the refrigerator near the stove, as he can not stand the heat.
  3. Box of cutlery should be close to the sink that is not wearing them after washing. Also cabinet for drying trays conveniently placed at the top of the sink.
  4. Built-in kitchen furniture made to order is best for a small space. It has an abundance of a variety of designs with sliding and folding elements.
  5. Kitchen furniture should be placed along one wall, with a pre-defined location of the work area and refrigerator, and then you can start offering a seating area and a dining table with chairs.
  6. The tiny kitchen, try to use any space, easy to mount furniture. These are ideal for hanging corner cupboards and open shelves, on which it will be good to organize the spotlights.
  7. Great space saving method – connection plates, sink and countertop work surface one. With the advent of new high-quality materials and advanced technology, portable communication have become commonplace. Today workplace on the window sill, blending smoothly into the countertop, which is located next to the sink and hob, is very popular.

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