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Planning a kitchen corner cabinet: stylish design and functionality

Of all the rooms of the apartment or home, the kitchen is the most visited, so it’s important to make it a cozy design, a kitchen set maximum functionality.

By design principle, all projects can be divided into direct and angular.

Corner kitchen: a successful project for any type of room. Modern kitchen corner are not only good quality materials, but also a variety of models and unlimited functionality.

They are more spacious than straight counterparts, rationally occupy space and have extra features to the overall design of the kitchen to get the most comfortable.

What is the corner kitchen and its proper planning?

Externally corner kitchen consists of three main elements: a central (or angular segment) and two lines (lateral) branches.

Such kitchen set located along two or more walls of the room. Its layout begins with the central segment and extends laterally to the desired length.

Its design includes not only the basic elements (lower cabinets and wall cabinets), but also a number of additional:

  • bars;
  • chrome roof rails;
  • false boxes for communications;
  • Hinged rails with additional lighting;
  • special section for built-in appliances.

Corner plan: how to achieve maximum comfort and avoid mistakes.

Draft corner kitchen itself is simple, if you stick to the rules “work triangle”.

This method -is classics and the basis of design. It is based on the principle of equidistance from the three main areas:

  • Storage products (refrigerators or cabinets);
  • Prepare ingredients (washing, dressing);
  • Place cooking (hob, oven, microwave).

The ideal location is considered sectors in the tops of an isosceles or equilateral triangle with sides of length from 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

Proper planning on the basis of this principle makes it possible to minimize the time cooking and remove the “extra” movement chef.

Design for a small kitchen

For a more compact placement of the corner kitchen on a limited area use the following method: one side is reduced to a depth of 10-15 cm.

This allows you to lose a bit of storage space, but greatly expand space. View photo custom kitchens can have different furniture manufacturers.

Secrets clearance.

Disposition corner kitchen -is a fascinating process. Only in this case it is possible to use a plurality of additional elements and interior design.

Corner kitchen with oval or undulating facades looks very original.

Zoned lighting at various levels also gives a charm to the interior a kitchen.

Bar table – very original and unusual solution in large kitchens. Cases and add-ins for household appliances, different height and shape of the cabinets, moldings and level difference – kitchen design is limited only by your imagination.

Corner kitchen – is the most comfortable, spacious and functional option that has almost no flaws.

Correctly calculate the size, the location of the sections and ergonomics, you can create an original interior of the premises and turn the kitchen into the most favorite part of the apartment or house.

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