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Kitchen curtains design. Ideas for the kitchen.

Choosing a design curtains for a small kitchen, you have to take into account not only their beauty and quality of the material. Choose window decoration for small room sometimes is very difficult.


Curtains in the kitchen should not only protect you from prying eyes and glare. A good window decoration can visually enlarge the space and raise a low ceiling. Not to mention that it is the design of the windows in the kitchen can become a dominant feature of the interior decorative.


 Beautiful curtains, tulle, pelmets and curtains for the kitchen: how to decorate the kitchen window, select the fabric types of blinds for the kitchen, dining and living room.


Choosing curtains for a small kitchen main task is to put the house as much as possible light.


Curtains for the kitchen – what model to choose?


Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen     


Roman blinds in the small kitchen have a lot of advantages. They are quite laconic, not burden the interior, even the smallest kitchen. They can be used in the decoration of the windows of almost any architectural form.


Roman blinds for the kitchen chosen by those who puts the clear lines, comfort, simplicity and functionality.


The form of such curtains gives a special rack. The fabric is formed with a simple mechanism. If the window overlooking the sunny side, Roman blinds is made out of fairly dense fabric.


Rolled Curtains for kitchen


Rolled Curtains are very similar to roman. The difference is  in this embodiment, the tissue web is wound onto a special shaft with a special mechanism.

Raise the curtain a very easy, just pull the dedicated chain. And Roman and roller blinds for a small kitchen is done to order. The gap of a few millimeters – and the curtain will be perceived quite as planned.


They are often not attached to the frame and to the window opening. It is this simple method allows to “expand” space. In addition, it is important to ensure that such an arrangement will not interfere with the curtains open and close the window. Rolled and roman blinds or curtains can be wonderful combination with traditional curtains. But in this case it is necessary to sew curtains companion of light fabric and avoid models with lush folds and pleats.


Curtains panels for different styles of cuisine


For windows on the small kitchen are very good curtains panel. They are very functional and very easy to take care of them. The best option is to use a narrow and short curtains.


The compact kitchen material for these curtains is best to pick up the tone finish of the wall. However, using a contrasting color panels can achieve a very interesting visual effects. For example, several narrow curtains, contrasting color, but combined the texture visually pushing the small kitchen.


Blinds in the kitchen


The compact kitchen is best to look compact and concise model. Kitchen in the style of minimalism or hi-tech can be safely used blinds.


“Office” the mood is completely avoidable if the order to the kitchen multifacture blinds. They are a unique combination of several materials and colors.


Home shutters are often reminiscent of the traditional curtains with ruffles or lambrequins. Very original and effective version of the window decoration in a small kitchen – a photo-blinds. On the slats can be applied to any image that will give a small kitchen additional perspective.


Kitchen in classical style lace fit blinds. The perfect complement fashion design in ethnic cuisine, such as Japanese-style – bamboo blinds or bamboo blinds.


Curtains made of thin wooden lines looks wonderful in the kitchen in the style of Provence, or country. In the small kitchen is also convenient to use roller blinds.

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