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Kitchen Chairs: how to choose it?

Among big offers of chairs for the kitchen is quite difficult to choose something worth for you. If you have a large family, choose big  kitchen table, and the choice of chairs depends on by style of dining table and comfortable seating on these chairs, both for adults and for children. There are several criteria, you can choose the perfect kitchen chair for everyone.

The first thing you should pay attention – this is the height of the chair for the kitchen. The optimal size is 40-42 cm above the floor. Adults sit comfortable on this chair with knees bent. And for fast growing kids chair height can be adjusted by putting colored soft pillows that still adorn the interior of the kitchen.

The next criterion of the comfortable chair for the kitchen – is its width. Anthropologists have calculated that the ideal width of the chair for the Russians – about fifty centimeters. On this chair is comfortable to sit a person with any type of physique.

Choosing between hard and soft kitchen chairs, remember that too bad for a soft seat posture, and seat of the chair hard to be rounded in order to avoid discomfort.

So, now we know how to choose the most comfortable chairs for the kitchen.

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