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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Furniture?

Usually, the body is made of 16-18 mm thick chipboard. Made of chipboard panels are joined together in the body. In the case of a compound of quality furniture based on the principle of children’s puzzles using special rail spikes round timber – dowels. Their use requires a very fine adjustment holes – so it is impossible to perform manually. In our situation the body is likely to be connected by “SCREW” – long furniture screws that when reusing the spilling of chipboard panels. So this furniture is unlikely to survive the move.

Particular attention should be paid to how interconnected the bottom of the lower cabinets and side panels. If the furniture is made by a professional, you will not see the panels, standing at the bottom of the lower cabinet. To the cabinet stood at least a point load of 360 kg, the bottom should be fastened between the side panels, using all the same boring machine.

Suspended cabinets, the upper body of kitchen units should have adjustable suspension in the corners, and the suspension should be covered with plastic panels. Then all the body of the headset can be put strictly in line without distortions and gaps. After installation of kitchen units in the composition of its parts pull together with each other using intersectional ties, which creates additional stiffeners.

It is undesirable to set the kitchen furniture to the side pillar of the lower body, it is better if the lower cabinets Corps will be on special adjustable supports, preferably metal with deep carving.

Please note that the edges of buildings were covered. This may be used polyvinyl chloride, silicone, melamine paper, paint or varnish. Open edge not only lose their aesthetics (swell from moisture), but also release formaldehyde, and quite extensively. You understand that there is nothing good about it. Check the quality of the edge is very simple – you need to pick up her nail and stronger pull. If you pick up a fingernail you could not, therefore, edge quality.

For convenience shelves inside cabinets arranged so that, when necessary, could rearrange them up and down.

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