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How to Choose the facade Kitchen?

They include everything that is on the front of the kitchen units. This is mainly door. Swing, folding, deaf, with inserts and door-blinds and door-accordion.

Depending on the design of the facades can be solid and outline.

Frame fronts consist of frames and panels. To produce such a facade can be used scraps left over from other cuisines, so feel free to ask the master significant discount.

Solid facades are made of particleboard or fiberboard of average density (MDF), which are then covered with melamine, plastic or wood veneer. The facades of the CPD is cheaper, but deteriorating rapidly. Facades MDF more durable but also more expensive. The most durable facades are faced laminate. In terms of price / performance lead facades from MDF lined with foil. The average consumer thinks of kitchen furniture that best facades made of wood. But the trees are different. The furniture industry uses more than forty species of wood, but only a few individual producers are taking up this road and ungrateful material.

Stylish and fashionable facade material with endless possibilities for the designer – this glass. Take a glass façade, and your kitchen will acquire elven lightness, and with appropriate lighting will resemble a castle Fata Morgana with pans. In the manufacture of glass facades is only tempered glass. Ask for a sample of the furniture and throw it on the floor. If the sample is shattered into a thousand “stones” – that’s all right. And if a dozen sharp “Daggers” and “shark finning”, demand satisfaction – you were trying to cheat. Very impressive look of the facades of glass and steel, processed in the technique of “satin”. Their surface looks matt and velvety.

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