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How to choose kitchen accessories (furniture)?

The most important part of hardware – hinges, which are fixed to the door body. In the original loop is a trademark of the manufacturer, there are no burrs and irregularities. The inscription Made in Italy means that the object is imported from China or Turkey and will serve not only long, but also bad.

Roller guides are available for drawers and other kitchen items. Twenty years ago, they have implemented the most advanced kitchen. Now they have replaced metaboxes – boxes with iron marginalia. Extremely soft and the right move boxes provide tandemboxes.

It refers fittings and wire filling cabinets: dividers, roundabouts, garbage sorters, cargo systems, carriage detergent and roof rails with the sample, populated, bar counters and other pleasant things. The cost of these “little things” sometimes comparable to the cost of the furniture, but to save them is not necessary – it is they who, along with the configuration of the kitchen it provides superior quality – ergonomics. The use of ergonomic systems allows the hostess reduce the time spent in the kitchen by 40% and time, as you know – money. Thus, the “filling” the kitchen pretty quickly pays for itself and starts to bring net profit.

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