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How to choose a modern and comfortable kitchen chair?

According to the rules, you must first choose the kitchen table, and then to buy kitchen chairs, which are also presented in a wide variety in all furniture stores.

Chairs for the kitchen can be different:
-with a high back
-low back
-with large seat
-with a small seat
-height regulator
-bar stools.

The larger the diameter of the seat of the kitchen chairs, so it is more comfortable. The same rule applies to the stools and chairs. Stools may be round or square, the choice of stools for the kitchen depends only on the taste of buyers. Conveniently, the set of stools can be assembled into a stack and you can keep it, for example, in the closet or on the balcony.

If in the kitchen there is a bar table, you need to choose bar stools. The main quality that must have bar stool – is a strength. The load on a chair can reach 160 kg.

Just like when choosing a kitchen table, the last stage in the selection of a kitchen chair is the color.

The color of the chair can be combined with the color of the facade of the kitchen or the color of the walls. When you buying, for example, four kitchen chairs, two of them you can pick up the color of the facade, and the other two in the color of the walls. Today, such a combination is considered to be very fashionable. Do not be shy in stores sit on a chair, most importantly, it should be convenient and comfortable.

The tables and chairs for the kitchen chosen at the stage of the repairs, when it is known for the color of walls and facades. Tables and chairs for kitchen should fit harmoniously into the overall style and complete the picture.

If you choose ideal table and chairs, it will be better to gather the whole family for a healthy breakfast, a delicious lunch, or invite friends for a dinner party.

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