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Dishwashers in your kitchen

While, for example, automatic washing machines is so deeply ingrained in our lives, that it is difficult to imagine how we lived without them, many people still washing a dish by hand. Modern instruments are able to do it much better.

Daily 30-50 minutes of freedom are not so much: a modest unit cost about 200-300$, and you will have to pay for the luxury of about 1000-5000$. Divide that sum in proportion to the life of the machine and recognize: for this money no one want to wash a dish for three times a day with boiling water (standard 60 ° C) and to rub the glass glare.

Small kitchen solutions! one drawer dishwasher

There are full-size, narrow and tiny dishwashers.

Standard models have a size like a stove, for 12-14 persons.

Models with 45 cm breadth – for 8-10 persons.

Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Desktop, the size of a microwave oven – at 4-6 persons.

The term “person” means a set of utensils, necessary for one person for three-course meal: two plates, deep and flat, two spoons, knife and fork, a glass of tea and a couple. The list does not include pots, pans, colanders, ladles (all it took for lunch), so save the dishes you do not have.

During the day, a family of three persons easy can fill the allotted amount of 12 people. If the dirty dishes is not enough, you can use the half-load mode (one keystroke to halve the consumption of detergents) or wash function in one basket. Expensive models automatically metered consumption of detergents and water in proportion to the number of dishes.

Our advice: if you place in the kitchen allows, buy a full-size appliances, especially since the price they slightly exceed narrow. After the departure of the guests will not have to load the car three times, and baking or filters from the hood may not fit into a miniature camera. Desktop dishwasher and all are designed for bachelors who rarely appear in the kitchen and cook a little.

To hand wash 12 dish settings, it requires 60 liters of water. Dishwasher consumes almost five times less – about 14 liters. Thus, for the year, you’ll save 16,790 liters, it’s a 70 full baths, or 2.5 months of daily bathing.

10 Photos of the Dishwashers in your kitchen

Small kitchen solutions! one drawer dishwasherModern Kitchen ConveniencesSmall kitchen solutions! one drawer dishwasherSmall kitchen solutions! one drawer dishwasherSmall kitchen solutions! one drawer dishwasherStainless Steel DishwasherStainless Steel DishwasherStainless Steel DishwasherStainless Steel DishwasherThe Best Stylish Dishwashers

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