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Design of the small kitchen without upper cabinets

Design of the small kitchen without upper cabinets.

The most important thing in the kitchen is a sufficient number of working surfaces and storage areas. If you can hide all the necessary things in the cabinet, the presence of mounted cabinets is optional.

Creating a custom kitchen designs, designers take into account the peculiarities of planning of house and personal preferences of owners. Do not want upper cabinets – discard them. But first, be sure to weigh the pros and cons to make your decision. Think about where and how you store the dishes, utensils, supplies.

Kitchen without upper cabinets: pros and cons.


  1. Lots of light. Working area really becomes lighter, which makes the cooking process more comfortable.
  1. Plenty of room. Kitchen without bulky wall cabinets seem much higher and slightly wider.
  1. Clean. Upper lockers located near the stove, quickly contaminated. To wash them is not so easy, because the aggressive cleaning can damage the appearance of facades and furniture frames. If you have only the stove hood and “apron”, the process of maintaining cleanliness became easier. To wash a water-resistant surface of the wall, lined with ceramic or glass covered with a far is easier than the furniture.
  1. Save. There is no need to pay more for the frames, facades, glass inserts and accessories for upper cabinets if they have little use? Kitchen, consisting only of the bottom row is much cheaper.
  1. Safety. Rarely, but, unfortunately, it happens that overhead lockers, burdened dishes fall.

The  upper cabinets are not always convenient for people of short stature, they have to drag or use the stool. Cabinets with deep drawers fit all.


  1. Less storage areas. The top modules are actually very practical. When the length and the width are small, it is necessary to use high. Abandoning mounted cabinets in the small kitchen, the owners may get serious disadvantages.
  1. Everything in sight. The top row of the furniture obscures the bottom. This makes the imperfections inconspicuous. If the kitchen will be left without mounted modules will be evident any defect, small dirt, stains and fingerprints on the glossy surfaces and glass.
  1. Dust on open shelves. Many people, who chose a single-row planning for the kitchen, is mounted shelves above the working area. They look much easier and don’t overload the space. However, all that is stored on them, quickly gathering dust.

If the kitchen is small (less than 10 sq. M), giving up the top row of the headset is hardly advisable. At least a couple of hanging cabinets should be included in the project.

Kitchen without upper cabinets: how to put everything?

The hanging lockers often stored utensils. If in the kitchen-dining room has space for a freestanding cupboard, you can do without a number of top furniture. The color and style of the buffet is not obliged to comply with kitchen set.


The large kitchen can be arranged in a storage room, which fit not only the utensils, but also numerous reserves. To built pantry cabinet usually use some angles.

One side of the kitchen, which has an angular or parallel form, it can be in the form of cabinets deaf-columns, which are inserted in the oven, microwave and refrigerator. At the same time the party, which is a work area with a stove and sink, is as open as possible and easy.

Another option is to insulate a balcony or loggia. This additional area becomes a spacious storage for kitchen utensils, which will safely abandon the top row of the furniture.

If kitchen area is large, put the island set in center of the room. Equipped with shelves and drawers, the island is able to replace a snack bar for storage of utensils.

What is to locate over the kitchen furniture without upper cabinets?

If the number of furniture is not too long, you can leave the wall above the work area empty. Do not hang anything other than the hood. Kitchen in the style of minimalism is an ideal option.

If the working area without hanging lockers seems empty, you can decorate it with lights low-hangers.

29 Photos of the Design of the small kitchen without upper cabinets

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